Woman jokes with colleague while sitting on staircase wall, and falls to her death.

A woman died after falling from the third floor of a building in Maharashtra while she was sitting on the parapet of a staircase wall, and seemingly joking around with a friend. The incident happened in Dombivali and was captured on CCTV.

In the video, Gudiya Devi, who worked as a cleaner in the building, can be seen taking a seat on the parapet of the staircase wall. Seconds later, a man who was her colleague emerges in the video, and he hugs her in what appears to be jokingly.

The act causes both the woman and the man to lose balance. However, the woman falls, who was sitting with her front facing the apartments, fails to do anything to save herself. The man, on the other hand, survives as he can be seen holding onto the parapet before regaining control of his body and standing back up.

The incident happened on Tuesday at 2.40 pm as seen in the surveillance footage.

Soon after Gudiya Devi fell from the third floor, security guards and other staffers of the building could be seen hurrying down to attend to her.

According to the information, the police arrived at the spot soon after receiving information about the incident.

An investigation into the matter is underway.


Indian man stabs dead man dances in his blood

Another great article from the CocaCola News Team: In The Bowels of Hell, India, a man was observed stabbing a weaker man in the streets. After successfully defeating his opponent, the better Indian decided to keep going at which some point he began to dance. An expression of artistic talent.

Date: Nov 21, 2023



Fatass stores the AK under his belly



Azov soldier kills Russian soldier

don't know anything else about this situation


إعلام ولاية الفلوجة - و بشر الصابرين - Wilayah Fallujah Media - And give glad tidings to the patient

Japanese officer commits suicide (images only)


On Monday, July 15th, Three ISIS "Inghimasi" (Suicide Attackers, Fighters that go into battle with the intent to die and deal as much damage while alive) fired on Shia worshippers at a Shiite-Muslim Mosque in Wadi al-Kabir, Oman and exchanged gunfire with Omani security forces until morning

The fighters that executed the attack gathering before carrying it out:

The shooting took place in the Imam Ali Mosque - 23.579579542807583, 58.56619776309229

The Royal Oman Police said on Tuesday that nine people were killed in the shooting in the capital Muscat's Wadi al-Kabir district, including the three perpetrators and a policeman. More than two dozen people of various nationalities were injured, including four Omani first responders, the police said. It didn't identify a motive for the attack or reveal the identity of the attackers.

(Civilian footage of the moment gunshots started being fired, sadly couldn't find the original so a news one will suffice)

Describing the incident as a terrorist attack, the Pakistani foreign ministry said 30 survivors were being treated in hospitals.

"This is a very unprecedented event ... the likes of it we have not seen in Oman's history," Pakistan's ambassador to Muscat, Imran Ali, said after visiting some victims in hospital.

One Indian citizen was killed and another injured, India's embassy in Muscat announced in a post on X Tuesday.

The attack took place during Ashura, the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram, which holds particular significance for Shiite Muslims, most Omanis adhere to Sunni Islam or to the Ibadi faith, which is a branch of Islam that has much in common with mainstream Sunni Islam.

The US embassy in Muscat issued a security alert for US citizens, advising them to "remain vigilant, monitor local news and heed directions of local authorities."

It said visa appointments scheduled for Tuesday would be canceled as a safety precaution.

Oman police said military and security procedures have concluded, and an investigation is ongoing.

This is a rare attack by ISIS due to it being their first in Oman.

Amaq News Agency Release about the Attack (Translated and non-translated versions):

📰 |Over 35 Shi'ites and Omani Forces were Killed and Injured in an Attack by Islamic State Fighters in the Capital, Muscat

Amaq Agency - Oman - Muscat: Over 35 Shi'ites and Omani forces were killed and wounded in a qualitative attack by Islamic State fighters in the Omani capital, Muscat.

Security sources in the Islamic State told Amaq Agency that last night, three Islamic State inghimasiyyin attacked a crowd of Shi'ites as they observed their annual rituals at a temple of theirs in the "Wadi al-Kabir" area of the capital.

The sources added that the fighters opened fire with machine guns on the Shi'ites, then clashed with the Omani forces that arrived at the location, where the clashes continued until this morning.

The sources indicated that the attack resulted in the killing and injuring of more than 30 Shi'ites and 5 Omani forces, including a police officer.


Man in NYC gets beaten in the middle of the road then gets hit by car

New York, USA.

CHILD WARNING Speeding cops kill 2 teens after crashing into their car

Police have released a videotape of a June police cruiser crash that killed two Connecticut teens. The officer was driving 94 miles per hour and was not on an emergency call. He's been charged with manslaughter.


Aftermath :marseydead:

more info:

(Classic) 56 people dead after a stadium catches fire during a football match.

England - 11 May 1985

Bradford City vs. Lincoln City F.C.

The score was still 0–0 after 40 minutes of the game, when a small fire was noticed three rows from the back of the ground's main stand.

The flames became more visible within minutes, and police started to evacuate people in the stand less than six minutes later.

The game was stopped, and the wooden roof caught fire. The fire spread the length of the stand, and timber and the roof began to fall onto the crowds.

Black smoke enveloped the rear passageways, where fans were trying to escape.

Ultimately, the fire killed 56 spectators, ranging from 11-year-old children to the 86-year-old former chairman of the club, Sam Firth.

At least 265 further supporters were injured. The few existing narrow escape routes led to locked doors in some cases, and the only escape for most spectators was directly onto the field.

Motorcycle robbers killed in spectacular fashion by argentinian police.

San Martin, Argentina

Man breaks free and runs from police before shooting himself in the head.

On April 16, 2016, at approximately 11:18 a.m., the Upland Police Dispatch Center received a citizen call of a male subject walking down the street waving a possible gun. The subject was also walking with a female.

Upland Police Officers responded to the location and observed two subjects walking down the street who fit the description given by the caller.

The officers did not observe the male subject with a weapon and attempted to detain both subjects. The officers attempted to detain the 19 year-old male subject and a struggle ensued.

The male subject broke free and ran away from the officers. He ran approximately 20 yards, at which time, the male pulled out a handgun from his pants and shot himself.

The officers immediately called for medical assistance due to the subject's self-inflicted gun-shot wound.

The male was transported by medical personnel to Global Care Hospital in Montclair where he was pronounced dead.

The 16 year-old female subject that was involved was unharmed. She indicated to officers that the male subject was suicidal over their relationship.

CHILD WARNING Bullies getting what they deserve (highly satisfying)

beep boop

trans lives matter



(UPDATED!)Illegal immigrants try to go thru polish border into poland :marseyflagpoland: but most of them get shot :marseyabbott:

heres the cropped video but with a watermark and to stop people from complaining about no people dying

this happened between the polish and belarus border about 3-4 days ago on 7/13 :marseypolandflag:

there was about 100 people as it looks like.

sadly the aftermath post has been deleted and i cant find it anymore

never mess with Polish People :chomikheroin:

Man brutally beaten then shot by group of soldiers.

No backstory.


(let me know if this is a repost and I will take it down)

Police officers found the 30-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds in a vehicle around 7:50 PM



EFFORTPOST :marseymushroom:Aokigahara, ~Write-up. :manorbear:

So, this post, gonna be all about this fucking japan forest, i hope yall will like it! ~ wizzy boy product

It is the second most common place for suicides in the world. Although the Japanese authorities do not boast about these statistics. However, the reality is that in the Aokigahara forest, hiking trails are very short. What this place really holds is behind the ropes. And there are even more ropes, strings, tapes, threads and ribbons. However, they do not mark the tourist path. They were hung by people who, in many cases, never returned home.

(Like this guy)

As we enter the Aokigahara forest, we are greeted by an information board in Japanese. On it there are inscriptions convincing that "life is a wonderful gift from our parents", so it is worth respecting. - In silence, think again about your parents, siblings or children. Please don't suffer alone and reach out for help first - you can read on. The inscriptions were not placed there by accident. The Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Sea of Trees, is famous for its disgraceful statistics. There are several hundred suicides there every year. ♡

Why do people choose this particular place to commit suicide? This was checked by a psychiatrist, Dr. Yoshitomo Takahashi. He had the opportunity to talk to several people who returned from the forest after a suicide attempt. His publication states that the key reason was the belief that "they would be able to die successfully without being noticed."

Another factor Takahashi mentions is films and other publications. The dark history of Aokigahara has been going on for many decades. The first one comes from 1960 and tells the story of a woman who went to the forest to commit suicide. According to legends, her spirit haunts the forest to this day. Another Japanese story "Kuroi Jakai" is like Romeo and Juliet. It tells the story of lovers who, like the woman mentioned, went to the Aokigahara forest to take their own lives together.

published in Japan in the 1990s. We're talking about a suicide guide. The Complete Manual of Suicide; half. The Complete Suicide Manual, which indicates the simplest ways to take your own life and - what sounds paradoxical - the best places in the country to do so. Despite its high social harmfulness, this item has not been withdrawn from sale in Japan.

According to the psychiatrist, these stories and all other confirmed suicides made other people willing to take their own lives want to "share the same place with others and belong to the same group." So a psychological factor was at work in this case.

Aokigahara Forest. How was one of the most popular forests in the world created?

The history of the creation of the Aokigahara forest goes back even further than its dark side. This forest is located within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park at the northwestern foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. Its base is formed by solidified lava. This is the result of the eruption of a crater called Nagao, belonging to the Fuji stratovolcano. The eruption occurred in 864 AD. It is estimated that Aokigahara has an area of approximately 30 square kilometers.

Since then, nature has been developing there. This is quite a unique place because the forest is so thick that you hardly feel a gust of wind there. Almost all visitors to Aokigahara notice this. According to some experts, silence is also one of the elements that suicide victims could pay attention to.

Let us remind you that Aokigahara is the second most frequently chosen place for suicide in the world. In this statistic, the forest is only ahead of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Last year alone, 198 suicide attempts were thwarted there. ♡

Suicide forest or tourist spot?

( Logan!:>, if u want to know more about this special case, go to my frend - @blepp)

Passing the information board at the entrance to Aokigahara, we come to a rope separating the tourist path from the rest of the forest. However, no one checks whether anyone obeys the ban suspended on the rope. In these places begins the part filled with more ropes, tapes, strings, threads and ribbons. Some of them stretch for kilometers into the forest. Others are only a few dozen or a few hundred meters away. To this day, it is not known whether these elements were left to make it easier for others to find the body, or maybe it is a form of security to return home following the same traces. To this day, you can find the remains of a hanged man there.

According to statistics collected in 2012-2021, there are at least 20,000 cases in Japan. suicides per year. These do not include suicide attempts. Last year, this number was 21,000. cases. This is 74 cases less than in the same period last year. The most suicides in this period were committed in 2012, over 27.8 thousand. - reports Statista. The most frequently cited reasons include economic reasons in the country, health problems, existential worries and problems at work.


However, Japan is not the first country in this respect. According to data from 2018-2019 collected by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Korea has the highest suicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the world (24.6). Second in this statistics is Lithuania (21.6), then Slovenia (16.5), Belgium (15.9) and only then Japan (14.7). Poland ranks 18th with an index of 11.1. In recent years, the number of suicides in Poland was: 5,201 in 2021, 5,165 in 2020, 5,255 in 2019. This information was provided by the Police Headquarters.

Not only books, but also films (not counting documentaries) have been created about the Aokigahara forest. A few years ago, a film was released in cinemas entitled "Suicide Forest". It tells the story of a young American woman who came to Japan in search of her twin sister.

And yea brothers and sisters, this is end of this crazy shit, love japan so much! Have a nice day WPD!!!

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