Seven Workers Killed At Cement Factory

Talking to Tuoi Tre Online at 3:05 p.m. on April 22, Mr. Tran Huy Tuan, Chairman of Yen Bai Provincial People's Committee , confirmed that at Yen Bai Cement and Mineral Joint Stock Company (Yen Binh district) there had just been an accident. Labor accident killed 7 people.

"Yen Bai province will have specific information to the press" - Mr. Tuan added.

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Man kills himself by touching a high voltage line from a train :marseydisintegrate:

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Firefighter Dies Trying To Save Suicidal Woman

A 24-year-old firefighter met his untimely demise in the line of duty while trying to save a woman from jumping off a building in China.




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Man attempts to flee his hitmen by running into a bar, fails - April 19, 2024

Lima, Peru

This morning, a tragic event occurred in the Barranco district, in Lima. A 24-year-old young man, Antonio Fregero, was brutally murdered inside the 'Casa Bulbo' bar.

According to police, the event took place around 2:00 a.m. when Fregero sought refuge in the premises upon recognizing his attackers. The Police reported that the victim was shot nine times, while three people were injured and were rushed to the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital.

The establishment's security cameras captured the hitmen fleeing towards the Jirón Manuel Segura, where a luxury van was waiting for them. Six bullet casings were found at the scene, indicating that the attackers fired at least 17 times.

The Police consider the possibility of a confrontation between criminal groups as the reason for this violent attack.

10 americans ambushed in afghanistan

Tsahal girls


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(Not gore but funny) Most of normal brazilians neighbors today 💀👌🏻


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Woman touches a switchboard while walking on a wet floor, what happens next will shock you!

Hyderabad, India

August 8, 2023

In an unfortunate incident, a woman died after she was electrocuted in the parking of apartments in the Kukatpally.

In a video of the incident that surfaced on Twitter, a woman is seen heading towards a switchboard as she walks on a wet floor in the parking lot of the apartments.

As soon as she touched the switchboard mounted on the wall, she felt a jolt of electricity and fell flat on the ground.

The incident is said to have taken place reportedly at the Prem Sarovar Apartment on Pipe Line Road in Alvin Colony.

2 KKK members hang black woman (with music)

lowkey looks fake



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Tel-Aviv shooting

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Nasheed Link :

Source: Islamic State via (Confirmed)

Location: Mosul (Confirmed)

Date: Range – June, 2014, to August 28, 2014 (Confirmed)

Archived here

IS released footage on August 28, 2014, showing the beheading of a man described as a Kurdish prisoner. In the video, several other prisoners can be seen. The footage references the close diplomatic ties between American and Kurdish leaders, and was shared with the headline, “Blood message to the leaders of the Kurdish-US alliance”.

At the beginning of the video, 15 men can be seen in orange jumpsuits. Three of these men can then be seen in another setting wearing military fatigues. Then nine men, also in orange jumpsuits and sitting on a floor in front of an ISIS flag, speak to the camera.

At three minutes into the footage, a man is seen kneeling in front of three masked men. The group are in front of Mosul's Grand Mosque. At 4:25 in the video, the kneeling man's throat is slit. The footage then cuts to a scene of the man's head on top of his body.


The footage was posted and shared to the VK page Wilayat of Salah-Din, a known media account used by IS. The footage was posted to, a platform regularly used by IS for anonymous posting.


The footage of the beheading takes place at Mosul's Grand Mosque.


The footage first emerged on August 28, 2014, though it is unclear when it was taken. The video was taken at some point between the capture of the city in June of 2014 and the end of August that year.


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CHILD WARNING the effect of radiation on the human body

What is radiation?

Firstly, radiation is an energy that comes from a source and travels through the space at the light of speed, This energy has an electric field and a magnetic field associated with it, and has wave-like properties. You could also call radiation “electromagnetic waves”.

radiation can be released from nuclear bombs since they contain some of the most radioactive elements which are: unranium U-235, polonium, radium, beryllium and a small percentage of phosphorus can be radioactive (like phosphorus-32)

Uranium (U):

Uranium is one of the most important radioactive material, Uranium is found in small amounts in most rocks, and even in seawater but the average uranium contains (by weight) 99.28% U-238 which is not that reactive. it also contains about 0.72% U-235 which is extremely radioactive. since U-235 contains extremely high levels of radiation and it's commonly used in nuclear bombs etc. It was found originally by the German chemist Martin Klaproth in 1789.


Symptoms can be loss of white blood cells which increases the risk of infection, seizures sometimes and many types of cancer.

Uranium poisoning (getting exposed to its radiation) increases the risk of thyroid cancer since the thyroid gland absorbs the radioactive iodine and it also causes Inflammation, scarring, and possible cancer risk in the lungs. It also causes internal bleeding in the GI tract.

Uranium poisoning can also show some signs in the skin like these:

These are all radiation symptoms/signs and there are a LOT of victims. some of them are infants, if the mother is radiated the radiation can be transmitted to the unborn in the womb.

But there's a low chance that the mother might be able to give birth to the child and in that case the child will be abnormal and born with biologically different characteristics:

Most of these babies won't live a month due to the radiation in their bodies.

children from the Chernobyl incident:

Polonium (Po):

Polonium is one of the radioactive elements that's used in nuclear bombs which is very rare and it's found in uranium ores. it was discovered by the polish chemist Marie Sklodowska Curie in 1898. The most dangerous polonium is polonium-210


Polonium can cause radiation exposure (irradiation) of internal organs, which can result in serious medical symptoms or death and it also can cause nausea, vomiting, anorexia, lymphopenia, and sometimes diarrhea. For more info:

the victims: luckily there are barely any victims of polonium since how rare it is. but there is one fatality in Russia, of a man who had accidentally inhaled polonium-210 in an industrial process and On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized after poisoning with polonium-210; he died from the poisoning on 23 November

A picture of litvineko after he was poisoned in the hospital


Phosphorus (P):

Although phosphorus is not radioactive but Phosphate rock contains small amounts of naturally-occurring radionuclides, mostly uranium and radium, but Phosphorus-32 is a radioactive isotope of phosphorus which in laboratories it's used to label DNA and proteins. Phosphorus was discovered by Hennig Brandt in Hamburg in Germany in 1669 When he evaporated urine and heated the residue until it was red hot. Glowing phosphorus vapour came off and he condensed it under water.

White Phosphorus is used in military purposes in grenades and artillery shells to produce illumination, to generate a smokescreen and as an incendiary

White phosphorus bombs:

Its major industrial uses are in the production of phosphoric acid, phosphates and other compounds.

White phosphorus victims:

Although phosphorus are banned worldwide but there are A LOT of times when governments used phosphorus bombs and one of the recent ones was in 2009 when Israel was accused of using phosphorus against Palestine, Gaza.

  • Weapons: Mortar and artillery shells, grenades

  • Geneva Treaty of 1980: Prohibited for attacking civilians; no ban on use as smoke screen or for illumination.

  • Looks: Colorless to yellow transluscent wax-like substance.

  • When exposed to oxygen: It bursts into yellow flame, producing thick white smoke.

  • Phosphorus burns: They are mostly second- or third-degree; particles do not stop burning after contact with skin.

Before Israel's reported use of the weapon in Lebanon and Gaza. Russian and Bashar Al Assad's forces used it on Syrian civilians. Ex-Syrian rebel Rabih Sarraf was defending his hometown of Maarat Al Numan when Russian planes were bombing the area with white phosphorus around 8 years ago (2016)

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told a NATO summit on Thursday that Russia had used white phosphorus against civilians in his country.

Zelenskyy said: "This morning, phosphorus bombs were used. Russian phosphorus bombs. Adults and children were killed"

The United States bombardment of Fallujah began in April 2003, one month after the beginning of the invasion of Iraq. In April 2003 United States forces fired on a group of demonstrators who were protesting against the US presence. US forces alleged they were fired at first, but Human Rights Watch, who visited the site of the protests, concluded that physical evidence did not corroborate US allegations and confirmed the residents' accusations that the US forces fired indiscriminately at the crowd with no provocation. 17 people were killed and 70 were wounded

Worker gets crushed by his forklift

Conquest of Jerusalem edit


woman finds her boyfriend cheating and tasers him in the balls

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