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Bruh (credits to who make this comic) (hamas/palestine joke)

Man gets caught in propeller

Bollywood Actor Pankaj Tripathi's Brother-in-law Dies in Accident, April 20th, 2024 - India (Description included)

The Maruti Swift that Tiwari was driving whizzed past a woman waiting to cross the road and crashed into a divider, showed CCTV footage.


Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi's brother-in-law died in an accident in Dhanbad on Saturday. Rajesh Tiwari and his wife Sabita Tiwari, the sister of Mr Tripathi, were driving from Bihar's Gopalganj to Kolkata when the accident occurred on the Delhi-Kolkata NH-19 a little after 3 pm.

Tiwari died on the spot while his wife remains critical.

The highway crash was captured on CCTV. The Maruti Swift that Tiwari was driving whizzed past a woman waiting to cross the road and crashed into a divider as he lost control of the car, showed the footage from the site of the accident.

Ms Tiwari was taken to Shahid Nirmal Mahato Medical College in Dhanbad after the accident, and is currently under observation at the hospital. She has suffered a serious head injury, a CT scan has confirmed, according to the doctors.

The relatives of the Tiwaris had said that Mr Tripathi, the Mirzapur star, has been informed.



Man in the red truck was apparently following the homeowner for an unknown reason for many miles before the attack. Homeowner and driver of red truck both survived. Driver of the red truck ended up stealing a different car and going on a police chase having been shot 3 times by homeowner.

Venezuelan in Trinidad and Tobago shot dead inside a Chinese restaurant


St. Julien, Trinidad and Tobago

September 2, 2023

The deceased has been identified as 26-year-old Roger Rafael Lopez Hernandez.

Police were told that at 1pm on Saturday, Lopez was with a group of friends who made their way to Kong Fung Chinese Restaurant and Bar in St Julien Village, Princes Town to purchase food.

Whilst, there four men all of whom appeared to be of Spanish descent entered the establishment and accosted Hernandez and an argument ensued, which escalated into a fight.

During the ordeal, one of the suspects pulled out a firearm and shot the victim. The suspects then fled the scene.

The police were notified and a team of officers led by Insp Mohammed, Sgt Smith, Sgt Nanan, and Sgt Barran, among others, responded.

However, Lopez succumbed to his injuries.

Funny suicide comp


How you get tags like "house furry"? Im stupid and new


As far as I know, the suspect (the man in the blue black shirt) had a conflict with the man in the brown shirt, and one day the suspect came to where the man was sitting, carrying a bottle of gasoline and a lighter. that burned the man (very decisive action)


Anyone have any videos or links to this shooting? Supposedly 500-600 kids there at the time so I'm sure there is some footage somewhere.

Truck tire explodes right next to its driver

Sangre Grande, Trinidad and TObago

October 9, 2023

The family of 38-year-old Rakesh Ramnarine are still trying to wrap their heads around the loss of their family member and friend, who was killed on Monday when one of his truck tyres exploded.

Newsday visited the family in Cap-de-Ville, Point Fortin, and spoke to Ramnarine's cousin Venoode Maharaj.

Ramnarine's mother, Indrawattie Ramnarine, was unable to speak to the media at the time, as she was overcome with grief. His common-law wife Meera was not present, as she was seeing about the paperwork needed for his burial.

Maharaj said Ramnarine, who celebrated his birthday on September 19, was a decent, loving person.

β€œHe's my older cousin by a couple years. He was one of the most generous, loving persons you could know. If he had a single dollar remaining to give somebody or help somebody, he would have done it."

"He never used to get vexed with you, he never used to cause confusion or anything, he never used to be angry."

β€œNormally all the cousins would get together and get a cake and go camping down by Iros Bay for his birthday, but we didn't get to do it this year."

"We both went to Cap-de-Ville Primary School and Cedros Comprehensive. He was a very loving person who would always look out for me."

Around 9 am on Monday, Ramnarine stopped on the Eastern Main to repair a damaged line on his truck. He went into Satyavi's Hardware & Electronics to ask for a screwdriver, and five minutes after he left the store, an explosion was heard.

Video footage from the store showed Ramnarine reaching under the truck, between two of the rear tyres, when there was an explosion. When the smoke cleared, the tyre was shredded and Ramnarine was found lying between the truck and the pavement. He was alive but later died of internal injuries.

The truck, which was later removed to the Sangre Grande police station, belonged to construction company Namalco Group. Maharaj said the company had been assisting the family since the tragedy.

Autopsy on a Fucking Fat Bitch :marseychonkerfoidpuke:

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CHILD WARNING Lets say rest in peace for Carlos Roberto.

He was a brazilian boy of 13 yrs old with autism(not sure) he was a normal teenager but at his School something happened, he was getting bullied alot and another day.

the bullies start to jump at his back, it was 3 or 7 people jumping and when he came home he Said he was having headache,back Pain and strugguling to breath.

The dad started to Record at him to Tell what happened the family took him to hospital and It Said its squeliosis(idk If i got It right) and he took him to the other hospital Santa casa and Just gave him pills to try to help It then some Days he died.

His dad Said he talked to the detetion of the schooland she didnt do about it.

Rest in peace carlos :rip:

CHILD WARNING Aftermath of Chemical attacks on Syria.


CHILD WARNING ISIS children executing two prisoners :marseyisis:

What do you do when you are not watching gore?

I sleep

Im done.

literally, I cant deal with this anymore, and I like just want to be left alone, but people keep changing my name, and putting stupid badges on me and im sick of it, and I tried to put fishing content out their because I wanted people to like them, and And If I cant post fishing videos, harass other people that post animals (no offense), and Pick on someone else not me, and Sincerely, TylerTheFisherman

Motorcyclist hits the side of a car and dies (at 0:35)

Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago

September 4, 2023

Motorcyclist Aasaf Mohammed, 29, died in an accident in Freeport on Monday morning.

Police said the tragedy happened around 11.30 am on Mission Road, a short distance from where he lived.

The police said a customer was driving out of Saharah Meat Market Ltd when Mohammed came into contact with the driver's side of the car.

He was thrown off the bike. landed on the road and died. No one else was injured.


what is your worst fear

my worst fear is being in a tight space like being buried alive what is your worst fear and have you ever seen someone die in the way you fear the most on this site

Removing maggots from a penis

Cut off a finger with a grinder

Self harm/Self infliction Compilation

Here's a compilation of a bunch of people hurting themselves!

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